About Us 關於我們 


“Energy Fight” first held in 2010, aims to promote the mixed combat sports, and provide a new platform for all potential athletes to participate more competitions to gain their experience. Also create a chance for the peoples in different types of martial art to exchange their expertise to each other. The campaign is divided into multiple levels, in addition to professional fighter, more features designed for the artists to let the degree of appreciation become rich, greatly enhance the audience level.

Nowadays Mixed Combat growing popularity in Hong Kong, and a wide range, such as boxing, Sanda, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, taekwondo, karate, MMA, Kick Boxing and the like. We felt each martial art has its advantages, in order to increase the freshness of the game; “Energy Fight” is contesting based on the rule of Ground Zero, so that the competition can be both exciting and safe manner.