EF2023 R4【亞洲立ち技の王者 腰帶賽】報名表

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業餘賽例,代表香港SB Team

22/12 19:00-21:00 拳手技術工作坊
23-24/12 09:00 拳手報到/過磅, 10:00-18:00 作賽
25/12 12:00 嘉年華攤位體活動
25/12 16:00 觀賞專業大賽
26/12 10:00 Day Tour

費用:$3,500 (贈送香港SB Team隊服一套)


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過往所有搏擊比賽經驗 All Fight Experience:



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我聲明並同意遵守 HK Shoot Boxing Association (下稱 “大會” )訂下的免責條款及規則如下:

  1. 我完全理解參與運動(包括業餘組及專業組搏擊)將自行承擔所有在練習及比賽過程中有任何感染、受傷或死亡的風險,我自願和知情的情況下接受風險。
  2. 我謹賠償在配賽後因任何理由缺席該賽事導致之所有責任及/或虧損。
  3. 在練習及比賽過程中,參賽者需聽從教練及工作人員的指引,如有任何不適或問題,將即時通知有關教練及工作人員,並聯絡大會。
  4. 我保證,我的健康、精神及體能適合進行訓練和比賽,我將自行承擔所有在練習及比賽過程中所有感染、受傷或死亡的風險 。
  5. 我同意所有活動照片、影片及參賽過程的版權將由大會擁有。參賽者一旦提交報名表格,即表示同意授權大會將活動照片、影片及參賽過程內所有資料編輯、刪除、複製、存檔、傳輸、發佈及在世界各地展示,作教育或其他非商業用途。
  6. 交流團涉及戶外或戶內活動,參加者應衡量個人身體健康狀況是否適合參與。如有任何問題,應先徵詢醫生的專業意見。
  7. 大會建議參加者自行購買合適的個人綜合旅遊保險(包括個人意外保險、個人責任、醫療費用及緊急救援等重要範疇,以及足夠保障額)。
  8. 大會有權於任何時間終止參賽者之訓練和出賽資格,以及調整配賽安排,參賽者不得有任何爭議。

Fighter Agreement: WAVIER AND RELEASE to be agreed by the fighter.

I declare and agree to abide by the rules and exclusion clauses of Hong Kong Shoot Boxing Association (hereinafter: “the Organiser”).

  1. I fully understand that participating in sport (amateur and professional combat bouts’ inclusive) carries a risk to me of infection, serious injury or death, and I voluntarily and knowingly accept the risk.
  2. I hereby indemnify “the Organiser” and its employees, officers, officials, medical officers and coaches, from all liability or loss that may result from my no show and or absence from the competition date and my bout.
  3. During Training and or competition, all fighters and participants are obliged to follow the staffs’ guidelines and instructions. If you experience any form of sickness, unwell and or problems, you are obliged to notify the coach, staffs immediately.
  4. I accept sole responsibility for ensuring that I am medically, mentally and physically fit to train and compete, and certify that I have no injuries or condition that may impact on my ability to train or compete in amateur boxing. I accept sole responsibility for all possible risks of infections, injuries and or death caused during training and the process of competing.
  5. The copyrights of the photos and videos of all activities are deemed the properties of “The Organiser”. Once the enrollment form is submitted, means that the participant agreed that “The Organiser” has the rights to edit, delete, deuplicate, file, transfer, issue or display the photos and videos of all activities all around the world for educational or other non-commercial purposes.
  6. The exchange group involves outdoor or indoor activities. Participants should weigh whether their personal health is suitable for participation. If you have any questions, you should first seek professional advice from your doctor.
  7. The organiser recommend participant to purchase relevant personal comprehensive travel insurance ((including personal accident insurance, personal liability, medical expenses, emergency rescue and other important areas, as well as sufficient coverage).
  8. I consent to my name, age, weight division, competition record, photos and videos being published on “the Organiser”’s website, press & media, and social media. “The Organiser” has the right to distribute and use the materials in any form and manner permanently in Hong Kong and oversea.

In case of discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version in respect of all or any part of the contents in this agreement, the Chinese version shall prevail.