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Energy Fight(以下簡稱EF)成立於2010年,成立宗旨以積極推廣和普及Shoot Boxing運動為己任,透過籌備本地及國際賽事,為搏擊運動員提供一個公平、公正、公開及高水平的運動平台。

本會自成立以來致力培育本地搏擊運動員,同時甄選及培訓有潛質搏擊運動員參加海外國際賽事,藉以提升本地搏擊運動的整體水平,為港增光。Energy Fight系列已舉辦超過十年本地排名賽及國際腰帶賽,旨加强本地運動員與其他國家或地區拳手的交流與友誼。

Energy Fight (hereinafter ‘EF’) was established in Hong Kong, with a mission to actively promote and popularize Shoot Boxing. Through holding local and international competitions, EF aims to provide a fair, just, open and high-level platform for athletes.

Since its establishment, EF has been committed to cultivating local athletes, and selecting and training potential athletes to participate in overseas international competitions, so as to enhance the overall level of athletes and bring glory to Hong Kong. The Energy Fight Series has held local Ranking Competitions and international Belt competitions for more than 10 years, targeting to strengthen exchanges and friendships between local and regional athletes.

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