《Energy Fight 2019全港青少年搏擊大賽暨專業外卡賽》網上報名表

《Energy Fight 2019全港青少年搏擊大賽暨專業外卡賽》

以身份證為準 Same as HKID or passport 以身份證為準 Same as HKID or passport 出生日期 Date of Birth
國籍 Nationality:
中國香港 HKSAR 中國 Chinese 其他(請說明) Others (Please list)
所屬團體 The Team/Club 不填寫即作個人名義 Leave it blank for individual applicant 身份証/護照相片 Photo of HKID / passport相片大小必須在2M以內 Max. 2M file size 個人正面相片 Full Frontal Face Photo相片大小必須在2M以內 Max. 2M file size 參加賽例 Rule
WSB 綜合搏擊 Shoot Boxing
參賽組別 Division
A)兒童組 Cadet group 5-11歲 (於 2009-2015 年出生) 1.5分鐘 x 3回合 B)少年組 Teen Group 12-16歲 (於 2004-2008 年出生) 2分鐘 x 3回合 C)青年組 Youth Group 17-20歲 (於 1998-2003 年出生) 2分鐘 x 3回合 D)成人業餘組 Amateur Group (於 2002 年或以前出生) 2分鐘 x 3回合,1回合Extra E)成人專業組 Professional Group (於 2002 年或以前出生) 3分鐘 x 3回合,無限Extra
參賽級別 Weight(kg) 所有比賽往續 All Fight Records
參賽次數 No. of Bout
勝出次數 No. of Won (KO次數 No. of KO
落敗次數 No. of Lost
和局次數 No. of Draw
報名費單據 Payment Receipt 相片大小必須在2M以內 Max. 2M file size

匯豐銀行 023-786650-001
轉數快 Energy Fight: info@mcsf.org.hk
健康狀況 Health Declaration
良好並適合參加比賽 Good and suitabe for participate this competition.
緊急聯絡人資料 Contact Person In Case Of Emergency

本人同意本人之姓名、年齡、比賽級別、往績紀錄、相片、錄影,及/或任何有關資料均可被發放至主辦單位的網頁、新聞稿、其他媒體及社交平台。本人同意主辦單位將永久保留所有在香港及海外發放、刊登及使用上述有關資料作宣傳或商業用途的權利。本人同意就該肖像作上述用途的使用不收取任何通知 (不論事前通知或其他)、版稅、報酬、彌償、開支或支出。
I acknowledged and consented my name, age, weight division, competition record, photos, videos and/or any related information being published on the Organizer’s website, press & media, and social media. The Organizer reserves the right to distribute, publish and use the related information in any form and manner permanently within Hong Kong and or oversea for promotion or commercial basis. I acknowledged and agreed not to receive any notice, prior or otherwise, royalty, remuneration, indemnity, costs or expenses for any use of the Portrait for any of the above purposes.

I certified that the submitted information is correct, accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. In completing this form, I understand that if I provide false and or misleading information, it will lead to disqualification for the applied competition. Information provided will be stored in MCSF database for record purposes. In cases of conflicts, MCSF reserves final rights and decisions on any athletes that provided false and or misleading information, whether it is recklessly or intentionally.

I acknowledged and shall take full responsibility for any injury or death which may sustain /arise directly or indirectly as a result of this event. These included but are not exhausted to the following: health conditions, fitness level, technical errors and or any hazards that may arise within the competition and or any related occasions or events. The Organizer and/or MCSF will not be held responsible and waive any liabilities on any personal injuries or death caused by the event.

I hereby declared that I am fit and competent in participating for the applied event and competition.